Virtual Reality Coding Workshops

Learn coding concepts while creating your own virtual world.

Did you know that Virtual Reality is one of the most requested skill sets in the job market?
If you are new to Virtual Reality and are eager to learn about the principles of VR technology, this class is for you!

** Note that you don’t need any prior programming experience or knowledge to get started.**

In this Virtual Reality Coding class, you will learn:

  • The basics of VR (history, physical principles, etc.)
  • Its overall importance in the tech industry.
  • Coding concepts and languages (the fundamentals of the language JavaScript).

Although this is an introductory workshop, you will gain valuable skills and knowledge as well as learn complex animation that will allow you to create your own immersive world.

C3D, which is the software we use to make this workshop happen, is designed to teach you how to build animated VR games. As such, you will acquire the ability to create a simple interactive VR game.

We want to help teachers who don’t possess computer science knowledge to deliver a coding curriculum easily while inspiring children to explore the exciting world of interactive computer programming and Virtual Reality education

Tomoko OkochiCEO, Software Program Manager and Educator.


  1. An understanding of Virtual Reality (VR) and its different uses
  2. The foundation needed to build VR worlds
  3. The foundational skills to learn how to create VR Games
  4. A great skill set to further users’ careers


Studies have indicated that VR significantly increases user engagement and achieves higher learning outcomes.

  • VR helps users learn by experience rather than simply being taught by an instructor.
  • VR also gives users the opportunity to express their artistic creativity and imagination.


Course is given in the form of workshops (2hrs per level).

Schools: courses are delivered on a monthly basis
(must commit to a minimum of 3 months).


  • 8-15 years old
  • 16-18 years old
  • 19+ years old


Online + On-Campus hub

(Due to COVID-19, all programs are currently being held online)


  • Access to C3D (URL + Login info provided by The Urban Camp)
  • A laptop or computer (Mac or PC)
  • Good internet or WIFI connection
  • Access to Google Chrome
  • VR glasses optional for the first 3 Levels


  • English level B1 and up required
  • Available in Spanish


We are very proud of the fact that our students were the first to use C3D in Latin America.

A day in the life of an Urban Coder (in simple steps)

Beginner Urban Coder

  1. Instructor will explain what VR is all about and its different uses in real life
  2. Our Urban Coders will be given some instructions on how to paste an URL into their browser and how to add their login info (provided by The Urban Camp).
  3. Urban Coders are on the worksheet ready to start
  4. Urban Coders will understand 3D coordinate systems by placement of 3D objects in a 360-degree Virtual Reality world.
  5. Urban Coders will understand the concept of variables in order to manipulate an object.
  6. Urban Coders will explore the possibilities of using user interaction to trigger 3D animation
  7. With a click, our Urban Coders will be able to watch their creations on their phone (or VR headsets)
  8. Our Urban Coders get a link in order to share their creations with friends and family.

Intermediate Urban Coder

  1. Urban coders will understand logical statements such as “if” implements. “If”…else statements and loops.
  2. Urban Coders will understand the possibilities and effective usage of Virtual Reality through coding.

Advanced Urban Coder

  1. Urban Coders will explore different ways to use 3D animation to convey a message
  2. Urban Coders will understand conditions that contribute to effective algorithms in coding; understand functions, its scope and use in more complicated code such as VR games. Also, they will learn the creative process of planning and designing their own 3D model and then animating them in C3D.
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