Summer Camp 1.0

Our English, Entrepreneurship and Technology Camp is designed to teach you English (or improve your level of English) and gain entrepreneurial and technological skills that you’ll be able to apply to your future projects.

You can choose between two camps depending on your level of English.

  • Beginner level (Camp 1.0)
  • Intermediate/advanced level (Camp 2.0)

On this page, we will talk about Camp 1.0, which is meant for beginner level English. If your level is more advanced, you can head over to the Camp 2.0 page.

As the title indicates, there are several components to Camp 1.0.

  • English

Every morning our Urban Campers have an English class meant for beginners where they learn or review fundamentals of the English language.

In this beginner class, Urban Campers learn English so that they can gain enough confidence to introduce themselves to others. We want them to overcome the fear of expressing themselves and be able to start a small conversation in real life. Our instructor will make sure to teach them the correct grammar and vocabulary that will give them the foundations to start their journey in the most popular language in the world, English.

All kids and teens deserve the same opportunities. We don’t want to leave anyone behind. Language shouldn’t be a barrier. I wanted to have this camp 1.0 in our programs to allow students to learn English. At the same time, they learn the latest in technology and about how big ideas are developed. For now, we are introducing Spanish as the first language option, and soon we will open this space to other languages too.

Edna RojasFounder + Director The Urban Camp


  • 1 week with 1 optional week of English only (Online)
  • 2 weeks on-campus hub


9-15 years old
English level required: A1 or A2 


Online + On-Campus hub
(Due to COVID-19, all programs are currently being held online)


  • Laptop, Desktop
  • Platform provided by The Urban Camp


Did you know we have an amazing VR English program where you immerse yourself in a Virtual World and play a “game” while you practice your speaking and listening skills? We just need to prepare you to become an intermediate-level Urban Camper in order to start using this awesome program!

  • Entrepreneurship + Technology

These topics will be taught in Spanish. 

Our entrepreneurship program, Littlepreneurs, is designed to start our Urban Campers in the world of “big ideas”. The program starts with a Superpowers discovery workshop which sets the tone for the week(s) ahead. Urban Campers will then be encouraged to plan, forecast and test their business idea. 

In order to test their project’s strengths, we confront them with real or fictional problems that growing businesses can often face. Through those challenges, the program is meant to test their ability to identify and handle downturns and emergencies that may arise. Urban Campers learn the reality of the complex environment businesses have to navigate. Urban Campers also learn how to think critically.

Because no entrepreneur can survive without modern technology, we take our Urban Campers on a journey to learn some interesting digital and technical skills and to introduce them to different tools that are readily available for use. This program is part of The Tech hub, which includes Virtual Reality, VR Coding, Video Games, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality classes, workshops and talks. We introduce each one of these technologies to our Urban Campers.

Since so many brilliant ideas never see the light of day due to lack of funding, we also want to address this issue through the art of pitching. We teach our young entrepreneurs to turn their projects into attractive investments. Through tips and practice, they will gain enough confidence to deliver a pitch so that no investors will want to turn them down. 



  • Learning how to introduce oneself, whether in a casual setting or in a more formal one.
  • Urban Campers will be able to identify which country they come from as well as where the others come from. Countries, cities and nationalities.
  • Urban Campers will be able to identify occupations, learn articles, cardinal, ordinal numbers and nouns.
  • Learning the normal classroom vocabulary and its different expressions as well as to ask questions, ask for definitions and meanings.


  • Understanding entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs
  • Leveraging Superpowers
  • Pitching to entice real-life investors
  • Virtual Reality and its multiple uses
  • Understanding Augmented Reality
  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence
  • Creating a Virtual World
  • Learning how Video Games are made

A day in the life...

Day 1: Opening ceremony. Introductions. FAM Trip

Day 2: Workshop. Lunch. Mentorship

Day 3: Activity. Workshop. Lunch. Mentorship

Day 4: Workshop. Lunch. Activity. Mentorship

Day 5: Free time. Activity. Work on Projects

Day 6: Work on projects. Mentorship. Lunch. Pitch. Party.

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