Just Grow!

Have you asked yourself lately what makes you truly happy? Are you communicating your feelings so that others can understand and feel you? Are you thinking positively these days?

These are very simple questions, and we make them seem heavy and complicated.

This program will take you back to the roots and help you re-discover your core values and true potential. Learn how to create a personal brand and stand out from the crowd. Oh! But are you scared of introducing yourself to other people? Scared of not knowing how to network even if it is online networking? We hear you.

created this program to help kids, teens and adults discover their full potential. We want to support and guide you through the bumps and hurdles of life. We believe in supporting each other and helping others become the best version of themselves.. We believe in connecting conscious people and giving them a space to meet online or offline, where they can start deeper conversations about life, work, business, school and everything in between.

In collaboration with amazing coaches to CEOs + founders of the entrepreneur and startup ecosystem in Vancouver, BC., The Urban Camp brings you the program, Just Grow!.

We can teach you how to be tech-savvy, you can have an amazing idea and learn how to launch a business, but if you are not happy with who you are, if you can’t define yourself and you lack values and soft skills, you won’t go far. You won’t be as successful as you could be. We want to unlock your full potential. We want to leave an impact on your life. We want to focus on re-humanizing you so you can succeed in life and all your endeavours.

Edna RojasFounder + Director The Urban Camp


1-2 hours per week workshop
1 week camp


  • 13-16 years old
  • 19+ years old

A2+ English level required


A2+ level required


Online + On-Campus hub

(Due to COVID-19, all programs are currently being held online)


Desktop or Laptop
Platform provided by The Urban Camp


Did you know that soft-skills are very sought after, even by big tech companies these days?

  • Understanding what really makes you happy
  • Learning how to have open and healthy communication with parents, children, co-workers, partners and loved ones focusing on the positive
  • How to make better decisions based on values
  • Creating a personal brand to stand out from others
  • Creating a personal brand to stand out from others
  • Thinking beyond a resume
  • Learn how to talk to anybody and everybody
  • Listening!
  • Body language and eye contact
  • Public speaking
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