Job Interview Simulations

Our Immersive Training Simulation allows our students to accelerate their interview learning process and get the job of their dreams. 


The Job Interview Simulation is designed to provide the perfect mock interview so you can practice and build your confidence for the big day. Thanks to a Virtual Reality tool, you get to practice by answering real job interview questions and are given the opportunity to review your transcript. The whole process could be done from the comfort of your home, using a safe and convenient practice simulator. 

This program provides immersive experiences for you to practice a variety of interview situations. This program is perfect for high school students practicing for their summer job interview, university students going for their first Co-op position in a company, recent graduates, immigrants, newcomers, mid-career individuals looking for a job opportunity, and people re-entering the workforce.

“Experts say that people with low self-esteem engage in subconscious behaviours that undermine their success, making them less likely to ask for or get promotions, raises and even jobs”

Forbes, 2010

What You Get…

  • A PDF text transcript of each interview session for review.
  • To improve your answers
  • Practice professional skills
  • You get 10 interview sessions of 20-30 minutes
  • Meet a range of interviewers with different attributes
  • Different styles of interviews to practice different scenarios
  • You will be able to ask questions to the interviewer
  • Overcome nerves and anxiety
  • You will feel confident. You will be prepared!

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) character self identifies as Virtual humans. So let’s call them that from now on. A virtual human is the creation or re-creation of a human being in image and voice using computer-generated imagery and sound.


20-30 minutes per session

NOTE to Schools
There is a minimum commitment of the number of licenses a year required for this program


  • 13+ years old
  • English level B1 and up


This program is available on immersive Virtual Reality (VR) or a PC app.


  • Oculus GO
  • Desktop
  • Platform provided by The Urban Camp


  • English level B1 and up required
  • Available in Spanish


Imagine how can you leverage your interview skills to be a step ahead of your competition! Technology is here to help you get that job!

A day in the life...

The Job Interview Simulator VR showcases the complete end to end process:

Step 1: Select and review the job description

Step 2: Prepare, get ready to answer interview questions as though you are going for this role

Step 3: Place VR headset, select the interview and begin

Step 4: Complete all ten questions in the interview

Step 5: remove the headset and open the student Portal website

Step 6: Review a complete transcript of the interview and self evaluate your performance in the interview

Step 7: Share your transcript with your mentor. They might have some suggestions for ways you can improve your performance

Step 8: If you are part of a class your teacher will access your transcript via the teacher portal and can provide feedback

Step 9: Take a break, then head back. You have 10 sessions available for you to practice your job interview skills!

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