Entrepreneurship Program

Learn how to solve and prototype products and services.

What is this entrepreneurship program about?

This entrepreneurship program is designed to encourage you to grow and cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset.

It was created for all those brave ones thinking about opening a business or launching a startup (online or not) and who want to give shape to their vision.

From problem-solving solutions to fundamentals concepts and tools, learn how to become a successful entrepreneur in an ever-increasingly digital world.

Test your project

The program will test your project’s strength by confronting you with real or fictional problems that growing businesses can often face.

Through those challenges, the program is meant to test your ability to identify and handle downturns and emergencies that may arise.

You will learn the reality of the complex environment businesses have to navigate and how to think critically.

Learn to pitch!

Since so many brilliant ideas never see the light of day due to lack of funding, we also want to address this issue through the art of pitching.

We teach you how to turn your project into an attractive investment.
Through tips and practice, you will gain enough confidence to deliver a pitch so that no investors will want to turn you down.

“I believe it is never too late to start something you believe in. You are never too young or too old to start a business. I am on a mission to empower you to go after that big idea and take action. Even if it is one day at a time. Action will set you a step ahead from all dreamers.

Edna RojasFounder of the Urban Camp


  • A full understanding of how to solve and prototype products and services
  • Understanding how to work agile while keeping your clients happy
  • The secret of rapid prototyping
  • Why testing is important
  • Understanding entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs
  • Leveraging Superpowers
  • Pitching the way real-life investors want to hear
  • Understanding who your target persona is


1-2 weeks


13-18 years old
19+ years old


English level of B1 and up required


Online + On-Campus hub
(Due to COVID-19, all programs are currently being held online)


A laptop or Desktop
A platform provided by The Urban Camp


In collaboration with professionals in the small business and startup ecosystem in Canada, we designed this course to empower teens and adults to solve a real life problem or start their own business idea.

A week in the life...of an entrepreneur

Day 1

Discovering your Superpower. Introduction to Entrepreneurship.

Day 2

Startup by design

Day 3

Working agile and simple prototyping

Day 4

Learn how to pitch like a pro!

Day 5

Deliver your pitch

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