Virtual Reality English Program

An immersive training simulation software

This class is powered by immersive training simulation software that is designed to help students accelerate their English learning.

The power of this technology is that it’s accessible from anywhere thanks to remote access. Turns out you don’t have to travel to Canada to immerse yourself in a foreign language!

Our platform, ARGOLINGO, is an English virtual reality (VR) training simulation built using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This means that you get to instantly immerse yourself in a virtual world from the comfort of your home. Not only will you hear English, but you’ll also get to engage and speak the language yourself. 

What will you be doing?

This innovative program allows you to virtually enter a spaceship and turn into a detective whose mission is to solve a mystery. ARGOLINGO is a transformative way for language learners to practice speaking and listening while having fun. 

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for teens and adults who already speak English, but would like the opportunity to further practice it. It is also a natural fit for bilingual schools. Companies would also benefit from this program as it provides an opportunity for employees to improve their English skills. Language centres would also find value in adopting ARGOLINGO.

The great news is that there are enough hours of training available to cover the equivalent of what would be taught in a full school year English curriculum.

We make simulations and experiences because we believe that in experiencing you learn, whereas in talks you listen

Lee BrightonAI Futurist and CEO


Monthly and up to a full school year
* Note that this class will be available late 2021


  • 13+ years old
  • English level B1 and up


Online class


  • Oculus Quest Headset
  • Platform provided by The Urban Camp


  • English level B1 and up required
  • Available in Spanish


Do you know that up to 90% of people who learn a language can’t speak it? Yes, they learn to read and write it, but can’t speak with another person. Crazy isn’t it?


  • Practice your speaking and listening skills in a faster, easier and a more fun way
  • Immersive Virtual Reality and Smart Artificial Intelligence characters will help you practice the language
  • An AI (Artificial Intelligence) human is patient and never judges. You will practice at your own pace!
  • Play a game while speaking and listening
  • You will be challenged and try different episodes each month
  • Practice in open dialogue within an active game-based VR World
  • You will be empowered with speaking and listening skills, opening up a world of conversations


Playing a game while you speak is one of the keys to learning faster. It’s important to have a purpose and there is nothing better than playing a game in VR (Virtual Reality) where you get to practice speaking while you take on quests and challenges to win the game.

A month in the life ….of Argolingo world

Students get the full idea of what Virtual Reality and games are about. Students get familiar with the equipment, VR headsets and remotes. Students immerse in the Virtual World and are exposed to a challenge…

In order to continue to the next episode, students must win the game! So, we recommend taking it at their own pace. Safe travels!

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