English for a Digital World

Learn by doing

This program was created to help you understand how we do marketing these days. Whether you choose to apply it to your business or are simply looking to upgrade your skills, you will gain a good practical understanding of Digital Marketing.

We will teach you how to connect with your audience in the right place and at the right time.

We are going to break down the components of the digital marketing environment so you can better understand how they all interact with each other.

As you know, the digital world is extremely vast so we won’t be covering all the customer touchpoints that exist, but we will make sure to cover the most popular ones.

Hello there! My name is JP Millan. I have over 17 years of English teaching experience in different countries. I am currently located in Vancouver, Canada where I still teach students (online only at the moment due to the pandemic) from all over the world. I still go in to work in order to examine candidates for the IELTS Speaking test. Believe it or not, I majored in Biology and specialized in conservation. I love being active, which has led to my wide array of hobbies, including reading graphic novels and scientific articles, creating digital art and educational YouTube videos, working out, playing video games and keeping up with the immortal music industry while cleaning my apartment. LOL.

TJEnglish teacher at The Urban Camp


1  week
B1 + B2 and up


Online + On-Campus Hub
(Due to COVID-19, all programs are currently being held online)


  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Animation Desk
  • Autodesk Sketchbook on tablet and Autodesk Sketchbook on PC
  • Kinemaster on your smartphone or tablet
  • Youtube / Google / Wix / Seesaw
  • A google account


  • This course is an intro to Digital Marketing.
    Would you like to gain more in-depth knowledge about a certain topic? You can always register for a more advanced course afterwards. Talk to one of our experts here.

Learn the fundamentals of Social Medias

We have been slowly turning to the internet to help ourselves adapt to and keep up with the real world. With YouTube working as the eyes of the world and TikTok and Instagram dictating the trends and fads of our generation on a platform where everyone and anyone could have a voice, there is no other choice but to start stepping into this intimidating and gargantuan realm that offers a myriad of opportunities.

Our brains can only retain so much of the constant input of data we are exposed to daily, so why not start by organizing our own ideas and materializing them in this virtual cosmos. Join me on this virtual journey that will teach you the basics and key features of today’s SM videos, digital art, animation, Video editing, website creation on a platform and much more.

I will teach you the basics and advanced tools to start creating high-end illustrations. We will talk about line art, coloring, shading and lightning. We will also use this same platform to animate basic characters and give you an idea of how this software works and the multiple possibilities it presents.

Learn to make videos and the art of storytelling

Did you know that the average YouTube user watches 5 hours of video time a month? Let’s talk about making videos, making them attractive and playing with time, space and storytelling to convey a personable and compelling story. We will learn about editing videos with a very sophisticated software. Even though it is very intuitive, I will help you fast track your projects and save you lots of time when editing. Many editing software follow the same guidelines. This means that once you understand how one editing software works, it is 100 times easier to transition to a more complex software if desired/needed.

YouTube is an incredible platform that will allow you to be yourself and present your ideas to the world, and who knows, you could revolutionize the way we make videos! But like everything else, there are rules to YouTube and becoming famous. You will be learning the ins and outs of video publishing and how to help people find them.


  • An understanding of Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Familiarizing students with the tools they will need to run a successful business
  • Real-world applications and hands-on experience
  • Understanding the digital programs for the 21st Century
  • Implementing skills to create technologists, creative thinkers and problem solvers.
  • The beginning of a strategy creation

A week in the life…

Day 1

Understand the multiple possibilities on a given platform to create a project

Day 2

How are videos really done. Learn what makes them fun and engaging

Day 3


Day 4

Understand what software is and jump into making a simple animation

Day 5

Creation of a video. Taking Action. Promoting

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