English – Monthly Programs

This course is designed for students who already feel confident speaking in English (Level B1-B2 and up) and want to continue practicing while applying their learning to real-life situations.

Although the main focus in this course is the use of English as a second language and therefore is relevant to anyone interested, it is also an excellent choice for people who want to start a business or those interested in technology.

In this class, students will:

  • Analyze the use of graphs with critical thinking materials
  • Learn to conduct surveys
  • Learn to speak publicly
  • Learn to pitch ideas
  • Create compelling written content.

And hey, these classes are also a perfect fit for high school students who are about to embark on their university or college journey.

Our classes are subject to change depending on the demand and the needs of our students.

If you feel you need to practice your English while using innovative tools and learn English for a digital world, please visit our English for a Digital World page.

The world is only getting more and more global and English is no longer a luxury but a necessity for many who aim to emigrate from their native countries and start a brand-new life (or decide to start school) in an English-speaking country. With the unstoppable rise of technology and relevant day-to-day topics, I will guide you through the grammar and teach you the meaningful vocabulary to meet today’s world’s needs.
In my classes you will be fully engaged and will be exposed to useful vocabulary and topics as well as dynamic interactions. We will address the four pillars of communication (speaking, listening, reading and writing) to make you an excellent English speaker and well-rounded communicator.

JPEnglish Instructor at The Urban Camp


  • Learn the definition and purpose of surveys.
  • Understand the analysis, methods and graphs.
  • Decision-making skills to better outline projects.
  • Design surveys and decision-making. Great for future marketers, designers and masters in data analytics.
  • Learn public speaking and generally have significant opportunities to demonstrate their English-speaking skills.
  • Learn common vocabulary used in the business and entrepreneurial world.
  • Learn different ways of asking effective questions.
  • Learn to tell a story in a structured manner, use correct phrases and transitions, and draw conclusions.
  • Learn the importance, the definition and the purpose of a synopsis
  • Watch, write and compare synopses
  • Understand the importance of writing, analyzing grammar, vocabulary and styles.

Great for future content managers, YouTubers and bloggers!


1 – 3 months

We suggest taking 3 months in order to see real results and complete the course with a project of your own.


14-18 years old
19+ years old

English level required: Strong B1 and up


Online + On-Campus hub
(Due to COVID-19, all programs are currently being held online)


  • Laptop, Desktop
  • Gmail account (preferable)
  • Google docs
  • Zoom


Did you know that speaking a second language or more is one of the most wanted skills in the world?

  1. It deepens your connection to other cultures,
  2. It helps you shape your idea of the world,
  3. It gives you access to literature, movies, readings and songs as they were meant to be understood (without the need for translations),
  4. It also helps you advance your career and boosts your confidence.
  5. Plus, it is proven that learning a second language reduces the possibilities of getting dementia and having memory problems.

Hello there!

My name is JP Millan. I have over 17 years of English teaching experience in different countries. I am currently located in Vancouver, Canada where I still teach students (online only at the moment due to the pandemic) from all over the world. I still go in to work in order to examine candidates for the IELTS Speaking test. Believe it or not, I majored in Biology and specialized in conservation. I love being active, which has led to my wide array of hobbies, including reading graphic novels and scientific articles, creating digital art and educational YouTube videos, working out, playing video games and keeping up with the immortal music industry while cleaning my apartment. LOL.

3 months in the life of our students

Month 1

Students will learn the importance of summarizing information, what information to focus on and what mistakes they should avoid. They will also analyze grammar, vocabulary and writing styles. A presentation of the synopsis they came up with will be held at the end of the first month.

Month 2

Students will learn the art of conducting and analyzing a survey. Having the ability to complete accurate surveys is very important these days because land surveys form the foundation for everything else that comes later in the design and construction phases. Surveys are good for DATA COLLECTION, and DATA is extremely important in companies these days, especially in the tech industry. 

Month 3

Students will learn to master the art of pitching in front of possible investors. They will learn how to make their vision come to life using attention grabber to deliver a presentation that will stick with the audience. They will be shown different examples of bad pitches and successful ones, too good to ignore. 

Students will analyze styles, methods and vocabulary and develop their own idea for a successful pitch.

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