In an ever-changing world, we want to make sure that every student is given the right tools to succeed.

When we created The Urban Camp, we envisioned a hub full of students engaged in learning valuable new skills in a fun and collaborative environment. Suffice it to say that our plans were turned upside down when the pandemic hit.

With this challenge in mind, we wanted to figure out another way to still give our Urban Campers the opportunity to learn. There is some concern that a lack of social contact is adversely impacting young people and hindering their healthy development. In some ways, it seems that Covid-19 is remapping childhood and even adulthood.

At The Urban Camp, we have taken all of these concerns into account by adapting all of our programs to an online world. This affords everyone an opportunity to continue learning while staying safe during the pandemic. We completely understand that you would oftentimes prefer to see your kids spend less time in front of the screen and being more physically active. Though these virtual sessions are not a direct substitute for in-person learning, they are designed to be very engaging, hands-on, and interactive. We guarantee that your kids will not only get mental exercise during our programs but will also be physically active and stimulated throughout. Our highly-skilled, energetic and enthusiastic instructors will make this a priority. All said we do understand the value and importance of hosting in-person programs, such as our summer camp and we are committed to providing in-person learning opportunities as soon as it is safe to do so.

Edna founder of the Urban Camp
Founder of The Urban Camp

Edna Rojas

Empowering the younger generation for the digital age.

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They ❤️ us

“The summer camp not only gave my kids valuable tools but also entertained them. They had fun! The knowledge they acquired during the camp, will help them for life. Thank you, The Urban Camp”

Alejandra SilvaUrban Camper Mom. Mexico

“Muchas gracias a todo el equipo The Urban Camp. Mi hijo vino a decirme anoche 'gracias por inscribirme al summer camp y por invitar a mis amigos. La pasamos muy bien, nos divertimos mucho'. No se imaginan mi alegría, sus palabras salieron solitas y desde lo más profundo de su ser. Gracias mil y mil gracias por tan linda experiencia”

Karoline Hmamá de un Urban Camper en Uruguay

“Muchas gracias al equipo The Urban Camp!. Gracias por su profesionalismo y buena dirección”

A.Smamá de Urban Campers. México