We know how exciting recruiting students is, but also how challenging it can be, especially during this pandemic.

In a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, our team has been dedicated to meeting students’ current needs. Despite the uncertainty of the stressful times, we live in, we’ve challenged ourselves to adapt our programs to a remote world. Zoom classes and interactive platforms are available from the comfort of our students’ homes.

We want our programs to be attractive, up to date and innovative. In short, we strive to be a pioneer and leader in the education industry. We are always at the cutting-edge and evolving so that you can offer the latest and greatest to all of your clients whether they are kids, teens, adults, schools or companies.

As you can see, we’ve got you covered regardless of your audience. Learn more about our programs, workshops and events.

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Edna founder of the Urban Camp
Founder of The Urban Camp

Edna Rojas

Empowering the younger generation for the digital age.

When I am not working, I can be found discovering coffee shops, unique brunch spots, walking the seawall and watching good international movies. You can also find me attending technology, entrepreneurship and networking events in the city. I like to support the local community and can't wait to start giving back to it. My best ideas come from bus rides and walk in nature.

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They ❤️ us

“The summer camp not only gave my kids valuable tools but also entertained them. They had fun! The knowledge they acquired during the camp, will help them for life. Thank you, The Urban Camp”

Alejandra SilvaUrban Camper Mom. Mexico

“Muchas gracias a todo el equipo The Urban Camp. Mi hijo vino a decirme anoche 'gracias por inscribirme al summer camp y por invitar a mis amigos. La pasamos muy bien, nos divertimos mucho'. No se imaginan mi alegría, sus palabras salieron solitas y desde lo más profundo de su ser. Gracias mil y mil gracias por tan linda experiencia”

Karoline Hmamá de un Urban Camper en Uruguay

“Muchas gracias al equipo The Urban Camp!. Gracias por su profesionalismo y buena dirección”

A.Smamá de Urban Campers. México