A place for learning

Our vision was born out of the desire to create positive change and innovation through projects using tech and entrepreneurship. We believe that great things happen when students are given the right tools, environment and opportunity to express themselves.

The mentality

Based on education, awareness and a “think outside the box” approach, we constantly encourage students to develop their creativity, share their ideas and turn them into reality. We believe that students connect and engage better with hands-on programs and a learning setting that differs from the typically structured school environment.

The mission

Our mission is to draw out the stories and voices of our students in a way where they feel seen, heard, and empowered. We love to innovate, reinvent, and we move forward at all times. We’re creating a vibrant community and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it!

The values

The Urban Camp is diverse and inclusive, everyone is welcome to participate in any of our camps, programs, workshops and events. We are committed to providing a supportive and collaborative environment where all ideas and points of view are respected. Our goal is to define the future of education.

The Urban Camp offers Technology and Entrepreneurship camps, workshops and programs. Our primary mission is to prepare younger generations for “the now” and the future. At the same time, we also empower our more “mature” learners to keep their skill sets fresh, relevant and future proof.

We welcome students from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests for inter-disciplinary exchanges and inter-cultural experiences.

We emphasize the fundamental principle that having a dual skillset is most beneficial. To that end, our students learn about entrepreneurship and technology, while also practicing a language. We believe these skills promote innovative thinking, which in turn empowers learners to navigate a world undergoing constant technological evolution.

To make this happen, we partner up with local startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs to provide unique experiences.

When designing our logo, we wanted to make sure the idea of duality was present. The Urban Camp lives in the middle symbolizing its role as the connector of everything.

The Urban Camp, where conscious mind and education meet. Into the future, together.


Mariana speaking at an event

Mariana – Entrepreneur & Writer

Mariana’s story is one of overcoming obstacles and pursuing happiness. From bouncing back after a failed marriage, raising her daughter alone and opening several companies to uprooting her life in order to move from Uruguay to Canada to be with her true love, Mariana’s story is bound to inspire and captivate.

Retiring in 2015 after selling her accessories company, she journeyed to Barcelona to write a book of her memoirs. With an incredible amount of heart, a healthy dose of soul, and a huge scoop of passion, she is finally about to release her incredible new book to the world. After three years of nomadic lifestyle, Mariana and her husband decided to settle down in beautiful Vancouver since April 2018.

Tomoko – VR coding Instructor & CEO of C3d

Tomoko is passionate about making introduction to coding engaging, addressing gender equality in tech industry and creating new and innovative solution to make coding accessible.

She is a resourceful, committed, and friendly leader, educator, scrum master, developer with passion in education, with experience in program management and web and mobile development.

She co-founded C3d, which is a web VR coding platform making introduction to coding exciting and engaging. The platform is also used by teachers and help them teach coding for the first time or help them make coding lessons engaging.
With C3D, students can learn to code while creating their own VR world, and with one click, explore their creation with a mobile phone and a cardboard VR headsets.

Lorne – FinTech Instructor & CEO of Mini Money Management

MMM is an app that helps parents and teachers educate their children about the importance of financial literacy using everyday experiences. Lorne turned a childhood game that his mother played with him growing up, into an app to help teach the lessons he learned to children across the world. Lorne is the original graduate of Mini Money Management !

Lorne wants to teach kids, young adults, and adults the importance of financial awareness and offers classes offering a quality money education. Lorne also teaches you about the current financial landscape and the role of history, habits, emotions and purpose in your relationship with money.

Lorne is also driven by his wish to close the racial wealth gap that is setting up people for failure and that is especially affecting people of color. He explains everything in this article.


They ❤️ us

“The summer camp not only gave my kids valuable tools but also entertained them. They had fun! The knowledge they acquired during the camp, will help them for life. Thank you, The Urban Camp.”

Alejandra Silva

“I really enjoyed meeting fellow Urban Campers and teachers from other parts of the world. I learned a lot!”

Diego Cortina

“If you are up for fun and learning new skills, this is the summer camp for you.”

Mauricio C.