A Real Christmas Experience in Vancouver

By Tina Ahn

When December arrives, we think of Christmas first thing. It is a month full of excitement and beautifully decorated streets.
This is the end of the year and Christmas decorations are here to stay until the New Year.

There is an annual event held in Vancouver where you can enjoy this heart-throbbing excitement. It’s the
Vancouver Christmas Market, an outdoor holiday marketplace with 80+
vendors selling traditional German food and products. I wanted to check it out, so I went with a few of my friends. Even though it was still early December, many people were already lining outside the Vancouver
Convention Center. It was surprising, I did not see this kind of long lineup last time I visited the market. I am sure it is because people are so excited to finally have a normal Christmas this year.

Here is a great tip! It’s faster to purchase tickets online! Please purchase them in advance in order not to wait longer. Make sure to be prepared!

The Entrance of Vancouver Christmas Market

As soon as I entered the market, the first thing I saw was a carousel! This is the first thing that
children and parents should try! The carousel is decorated with various lights at night,
making it seem that a jewelry box was spinning.

Vancouver Christmas Market’s Carousel. It was like a beautiful jewelry box.

My friends and I looked through gift stores next to the merry-go-round. They have handmade
candles and soaps with nice scents, and accessories to decorate the Christmas tree. Every time I smell
the Christmas theme scent, I can imagine a Christmas party and dining atmosphere. The first time I came
to the Christmas market was in 2019. In many ways, everything was amazing. Especially, because there is
no concept of a Christmas market like this in Korea.

Are you worried about Christmas presents?

The worry is over, here you can find all your presents!

Handmade candles and soaps. Retrieved from Vancouver Christmas Market Website

Food…yeah, yummy Food.

Passing through the gift store and moving to the center, they sell delicious Christmas-themed
food. You can not only find traditional German food but also from different parts of Europe. I tried French onion soup.
My friends ordered pierogi and soup in a bun. The soup I ate was perfect for a chilly night. It
warmed my body just like tea when I come home, to my warm house on a cold winter day. For dessert, I tried
a chocolate waffle. It took quite a long time for me to choose which waffles should I get, all of them looked delicious. After eating, we went into the tent to warm up and
for a chat. It was Friday night, there were many people and no place to sit.
Luckily a few people left, and we found a spot for ourselves.

The Place Where I Got Delicious Waffles

A great place to visit with good friends.

We enjoyed German beers in the tent and chit-chatted. This Christmas market is a good place to
visit with good people. You can enjoy the Christmas vibe in a good atmosphere with your friends
and family.

I thought I should come one more time before Christmas ends this year. Because the food was so
delicious, I want to try what I missed this time! The Vancouver Christmas market is very suitable
as a place to feel Christmas. For you who like Christmas, please visit as a must-have event! You
can check the tickets information on the webpage: https://www.vancouverchristmasmarket.com/

People singing Christmas Carol in the center of the venue.

Until next time and Happy Holidays!


Tina Ahn.