In November, we’ll be offering three different workshops. Interested in one or all three? Learn more and register today!

Image showing a picture for each workshops, VR Coding, Fintech and Cybersecurity

The Urban Camp is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and offers Technology and Entrepreneurship camps, workshops and programs. Our primary mission is to prepare younger generations for “the now” and the future. We believe these skills promote innovative thinking, which in turn empowers learners to navigate a world undergoing constant technological evolution.

VR Coding Workshop + an Intro to Other Realities

Learn to code by building a Virtual Reality World and get introduced to Other Realities such as AR, AI and MR.

Three students wearing a virtual reality headset
Build your own Virtual Reality World

The Urban Camp has partnered with C3d to offer a VR coding online workshop. 

C3d created an online VR coding platform that provides an innovative teaching tool that is easy to use for students by bringing visual code blocks into life.

It makes coding education fun and engaging!

CEO and Co-Founder of C3d is Tomoko and many Urban Campers already had the chance to learn from here. As a female programmer, she started her own VR coding platform with the wish to help more girls get into the tech industry. 

C3d and The Urban Camp share a common goal. We both want to empower anyone who wishes to learn more and hone their skills. 

Let’s build a virtual world together!

FinTech Workshop – Raise Money-Smart young adults!

Learn the importance of financial awareness with this FinTech Workshop

Image showing someone putting money in a piggy bank
FinTech Workshop – Have access to quality money education

We believe that our children should be introduced to money at a young age to give them the best chance for life-long success.

During this 45min to 1-hour workshop, they will budget their money to gain a better understanding of balancing the immediate joy that comes from spending versus saving for future wants and needs.

This workshop will also cover how history, habits, emotions, and purpose all play a crucial role in our relationship with money.

Participants will take the Spending Profile Quiz to discover their natural spending habits.

This a financial workshop you don’t want to miss. Find out more about it here.

CyberSecurity Workshop – Be Educated. Be Connected. Be safe.

Learn to protect your online security and privacy with this CyberSecurity Workshop

CyberSecurity – Learn how to fight online dangers

This workshop offers a comprehensive cyber security education to protect youth from cyber criminals. It uses an interdisciplinary approach to integrate technology, artificial intelligence, and engineering plus the arts into the learning.

The goal is to educate students about online safety. Through security games, we empower students to proactively protect themselves against online threats while they are surfing online.

Come and have fun with us while playing games!

To register – contact The Urban Camp at or here!