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The Urban Camp is inclusive, hands-on, welcoming, collaborative and fun to take part in. We are a startup where all ideas and points of view are respected and valued.


We empower kids, teens and adults to learn and apply the new skills learned and to continue learning. The journey with us is full of possibilities.


The Urban Camp is here to inspire you, motivate you and support you all the way, even after you finish a program with us. We want you to achieve your goals and become successful.

More reasons to choose us

The Urban Camp believes that regardless of background, students deserve to be prepared for today’s life demands & future challenges. We strive to prepare them for the real world.

We pride ourself on being inclusive. Regardless of skill level, knowledge, and gender; everyone is welcome to our family.

We’re committed to providing a friendly, welcoming and collaborative hub where all ideas and points of view are respected and valued. We believe in the power of education, in good vibes, hugs and big smiles!

The Urban Camp is here to INSPIRE, EMPOWER and CREATE future digital leaders.

It is the time to learn and acquire new skills, to get a fresh and healthy mindset and to conquer the world.


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They ❤️ us

“"The summer camp not only gave my kids valuable tools but also entertained them. They had fun! The knowledge they acquired during the camp, will help them for life. Thank you, The Urban Camp"”

Alejandra SilvaUrban Camper Mom. Mexico

“"I really enjoyed meeting fellow Urban Campers and teachers from other parts of the world. I learned a lot!"”

Diego CortinaUrban Camper

“"If you are up for fun and learning new skills, this is the summer camp for you"”

Mauricio C.